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Alpha is a world-wide movement of people discovering the truth about Jesus - who he is and what the church is about. When I started going to church at about age 26, I found out that it wasn't what I thought it would be like - even though I was sent there when I was a kid! Real church, with a purpose and a vision and a connection to the living God is not boring. There is deep truth in what we refer to as "The Gospel" which many people do not realize as church and Christians are marginalized and minimized in media and popular culture. Find out the truth by attending Alpha.

We would love to run an Alpha series in St. Marys. If you are interested in being part of that, just drop us a line, and we'll let you know when we plan to start. No obligation, and we won't use your communication about this for any other purpose.

The videos best describe what Alpha is all about.

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Meeting Sunday morning at 10:30

23 Water St. S.,
St. Marys ON


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