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Alpha is a world-wide movement of people discovering the truth about Jesus - who he is and what the church is about. When I started going to church at about age 26, I found out that it wasn't what I thought it would be like - even though I was sent there when I was a kid! Real church, with a purpose and a vision and a connection to the living God is not boring. There is deep truth in what we refer to as "The Gospel" which many people do not realize as church and Christians are marginalized and minimized in media and popular culture. Find out the truth by attending Alpha.

We would love to run an Alpha series in St. Marys. If you are interested in being part of that, just drop us a line, and we'll let you know when we plan to start. No obligation, and we won't use your communication about this for any other purpose.

The videos best describe what Alpha is all about.

Jesus said, "I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."
In order to be on track with what the Father is doing, and how Jesus is building His church, for His will to be done, and for His kingdom to come, we need to pray.

In many if not most churches there is an imbalance between the sexes in prayer. I often look around the group at a prayer meeting and see that women outnumber men by about 5 to 1. In a group of 12 people there may be ten women and two men. What's up with these guys? The prayer part is the exciting part where you get to entreat God for a move of His spirit - to get your marching orders so that you can do exploits. David, before going out and stabbing, slashing, maiming and wounding - you know, the "real" man stuff - would seek God's counsel and instruction. Waiting on the Lord. Even when the women and children had all been kidnapped, he prayed first before setting out to rescue them. (It wasn't because they were of little value in the eyes of men in those days. That was never the case, actually). God gave him the plans and then he went and routed the enemy.

We keep trying with prayer. Thursday mornings, Sunday evening.... when is the best time? We decided to go back to a time when we will pray regularly, and hope that those who can will join us. Consistency is something important with the God of the universe, who Himself does not change like shifting sand. Thursday mornings it is then. Yes, we do pray at other times. At home, and without ceasing, but we need corporate prayer too. Those who are invested in the work and the vision, at least to the point where they will help to hold up our arms. If you can, come and join us for an hour or two in the presence of God. It's always a little different when we are pursuing His agenda and His Word. There's worship, seeking, talking and listening. The rest is up to Him.

Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.
23 Water St. S., St. Marys.

Remember the prayer of Jabez, which was such a hot item a few years ago? Everyone wanted to pray that prayer. That God's hand would be with them and that their borders would be increased. Even that God would use them. There's that one small and challenging phrase at the end though, which poses a problem: "That I might not cause pain."

I wonder whether it is possible to be in Christian ministry and not cause pain.

It seems there are an increasing number of people who have come to the end of their church experience. You hear the phrase, "I don't believe in organized religion...." As though there is some alternative - "disorganized religion" maybe? What people often mean is that they don't want anything to do with church, because they tried it, and it didn't work out for them. Not surprising. So many churches are like empty husks, there's no life and no fruit on the inside.

Many people have been hurt in church - sometimes leaders have done it to them. I'm sorry about that, because Jesus has been misrepresented and the wounding people have received has now separated them from the fellowship of the saints and the life in Christ which they could enjoy. Shepherds, by the very definition of the word, are a good thing. They are the ones who look after the well being of the flock.

Perhaps a line is crossed when people begin to idolize the leader, and put too much of their God-given faith in a man, instead of in the God who saves. There are natural relationships with leaders in the church and there are unnatural and unhealthy relationships too. We all get to decide which kind we will participate in.

Then there are relationships between the people who attend a church. People who 'rub each other the wrong way' and cause pain. The Biblical answer is forgiveness. We should love one another, because love comes from God. Love covers a multitude of sins, but you have to let it. This kind of love and forgiveness goes above and beyond the actions which cause pain in the first place.

You can cause pain and ask forgiveness. You can be hurt and give forgiveness. This is healthy living.

After a conversation with a friend recently, I sat down to write out as clearly as I could the way that the Holy Spirit gift of speaking in tongues works. This is the result. It's a small e-book on the gift in it's various manifestations. Please feel free to add your comments below.

Download free e-book. Click here. (.pdf Format)


This is a collection of writings from people who attend SWC. Poems and prose, thoughts and more...

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