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…The importance of….

When we think of ‘forgiveness’ it immediately makes us aware of the wrong done to us and how unfairly we have been treated.  We feel that if we forgive the one who hurt us that it means they win and we feel we are the ones in the wrong: but that is not the way it works.  We forgive because Matt. 6:15 says that ‘but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.’  And that is true because the Word of God is truth.
So, why has God put that in His Word?  It is for our freedom.  Freedom you say?  Well if the Word says in John 8:36’’ Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed” then freedom is very important to Him.  He does not want us to be shackled to anyone by unforgiveness because that is what unforgiveness does; it ties us to another person in the soul/spirit realm.  
Let’s think of what unforgiveness does in a person; firstly it keeps our mind on the issue.  We chew it over!  We rerun the whole scenario again and again – what we could of/should of said or done in the situation in order to protect ourselves or win!  Over and over again getting more and more angry or ashamed until we feel sick to our stomach or the Bible says: “unforgiveness rots our bones.”  We do not prosper in the situation at all.  But, if we choose to forgive and give people over to the Lord, the weight lifts and we can be sure that God will handle it right.  I know this because I have walked it.

….Letting them off our hook….

‘I don’t feel like forgiving them – they did this and that and……I am just not ready yet to do this……’sssss  The Bible says that we walk by faith not feelings, and it says to forgive.  So what do we do? We can ignore what the Word says and stay miserable or we can choose to walk by faith with this and see God show up and honour His word.
The very first time I chose to forgive someone, I found God moved in and brought a result I was not expecting – and I was blessed.  When it got to more serious issues I found I could trust God to actually move one way or another, and it was always good.  Why would He ‘ride’ on our forgiveness and bring great results?  He honours His word.  He cannot go against the Word and when we agree with it He can work with us and bring about His will and purpose.  It is an incredible truth to walk in – He honours His Word above His name.
We are not expected to ‘feel’ like doing the right thing all the time but when we choose to do so it is almost like God puts His stamp of approval on it.
When I have ‘chosen to forgive’ then God can bring that person or persons in front of me after a while and I find that the hurt, anger or offense has gone.  Some things take a longer time to come to that place than others but the day will come when I can say, ‘I am free from the feelings against that person!’
Now, just because I have chosen to forgive that person, it does not mean that what they did to me was right, it means I am free from them.  I do not trust them in that area again and maybe I would not trust them at all.  A lot of times relationship is now broken and we now have discernment and wisdom around them but we do need to let God deal with them for after all they are His kids.  Even when they are not – He still can speak to their hearts.
Really, unforgiveness is like a cancerous sore in a church.  It eats at the fellowship, it hinders God a lot of times but most of all it hinders our own walk with God.  We miss what Holy Spirit is saying; we trip others up and lose out on the blessing He has for us personally and corporately.
Am I perfect in this area? Gosh no!  I wish I was.  I am, however, learning to keep shorter accounts in this area and listen to God.  Often having to repent – but that is another article.



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