By SWC People

  I saw the LORD holding a large drop of water in His hands the size of a large basketball. It was the purest of pure and full of light. It was fluid and flowed within itself. It was liquid life full of power.

 True worship is like a drop of water that the LORD gives. It is pure, clear and refreshing, a drink offering to be poured out to the LORD. It is the beginning of rain on a dry and thirsty land. The land cries out for the Rain, the Rain of the SPIRIT, it longs and thirsts for the Rain. The land is parched and dry and in need of pure worship. Without it nothing will grow. Rain starts with one droplet, Rivers start with the Rain, the River flows from HIS throne and it brings life wherever it flows.

 In Ezekiel 1 there is a description of light that flashed back and forth amongst the cherubim who were moving back and forth like lighting. It flashed amongst them and lightning flashed out of it. Liquid, light, life and power is what true worship is made of.

  GOD is looking for worshippers who will join in the worship of heaven. HE wants to put this droplet of true worship in its place. HE is asking: Will you make a place for it? Is there room for it in the dome?

  Nothing else will be acceptable to HIM in these last days. Anything less will be a tainted offering on HIS altar and HE will not accept it.

  Worship is a living entity and must be allowed to flow, to move, to stir this one then that one; one with a psalm and another with a hymn. Worship needs to be free to dance among you, to sing, to praise and to worship through each of you to orchestrate and choreograph worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

  It will not be by your gifting’s or your talent’s but by my SPIRIT that I will accomplish this through my humble and willing vessels of honour. A broken and contrite spirit I will not despise.

My vessels of honour must honour my SPIRIT, my PRESENCE, and be led by my SPIRIT in order to worship ME acceptably. Heaven is a culture of honour. I want to invade the earth with the culture of heaven.

  I AM shaking everything that can be shaken. Judgement starts at the house of GOD.

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